Découvrez Glow de Chunky Move

Quelques minutes pour découvrir Chunky Move chorégraphiée par Gideon Obarzanek, une chorégraphie d'ombre et de lumière... Pour en savoir plus sur cette compagnie australienne

Pour ceux qui parlent l'anglais, cette note introductrice sur cette oeuvre innovante éclairera sa compréhension .. : "Glow is an illuminating choreographic essay by Artistic Director Gideon Obarzanek and interactive software creator Frieder Weiss. Beneath the glow of a sophisticated video tracking system, a lone organic being mutates in and out of human form into unfamiliar, sensual and grotesque creature states. Utilising the latest in interactive video technologies a digital landscape is generated in real time in response to the dancer’s movement. The body’s gestures are extended by and in turn manipulate the video world that surrounds it, rendering no two performances exactly the same.

In Glow, light and moving graphics are not pre-rendered video playback but rather images constantly generated by various algorithms responding to movement. In most conventional works employing projection lighting, the dancer’s position and timing have to be completely fixed to the space and timeline of the video playback. Their role is reduced to the difficult chore of making every performance an exact facsimile of the original. In Glow, the machine sees the performer and responds to their actions, unlocking them from a relationship of restriction and tedium"

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